A portable ES6 class for an attractive SVG loading element.


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The JSephus loader

Inspired by the Josephus problem, the JSephus loader is a visually attractive way of attending users to progress of a process. It’s a .js file containing a single ES6 class designed to be simple to use, enabling you to drop in the loader anywhere you have an SVG element ready.

var jsph = new JSephus("svgElementId", 40);

The JSephus loader is very customisable. Setting some different properties is easy:

  "dist": 90, 
  "displayText": false, 
  "radius": 30,
  "alpha": 0.3, 
  "disappear": false, 
  "transDist": 90

And the result will look very different:

If you want to see all the stuff the JSephus loader can do, visit the documentation page or the quick-start guide. Enjoy!

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